Dean Village | Exploring Edinburgh

IMG_1336 (1)I’m having the best week *ever* – my amazing fiance has finally moved to Edinburgh and I couldn’t be more happy about the end of our long-distance relationship!

Since the weather on Saturday was so spectacular we decided to go out and do some exploring around Edinburgh – showing a new inhabitant around your hometown really can make it feel so fresh and exciting.

8717x28717x48717x3The sky was blue and the weather was warm but breezy – perfect for wandering around in. We walked in the sunshine through Edinburgh’s West End towards Dean Village – an old milling village nestled around the Water of Leith which flows through Edinburgh.

When you walk down the hill into the village it feels like walking in to a different world -back in time across cobbled streets and through windy little alleyways. We watched the water from the bridge, discussing the potentials of living in this little oasis, before we followed the water into Stockbridge to find a beer garden to enjoy the afternoon in!


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